Welcome to VeraRosa Higher-Learning Scholarship, where STEM-based education is at the core of our mission to provide unique learning opportunities to the next generation of innovative thinkers. Our scholarship program is specially designed to help children of all backgrounds discover the joys of STEM subjects while leading them to a prosperous future.


The VeraRosa community is passionate about encouraging today’s youth to pursue STEM-based higher education. Students with a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) background are in high demand for today’s workforce, and many leading companies continue to invest in these fields to stay competitive. Our technological world requires innovative thinkers and leaders, so VeraRosa is committed to helping the next generation meet this need through financial scholarships.

From jobs in finance and economics to statistics and data science, the career opportunities for students in math are varied and full of possibilities. We strongly believe that children of all ages and backgrounds can find delight in math with the proper encouragement, which is often lacking in traditional school environments because of budget constraints. Math can also be an excellent gateway for students to pursue other interests such as science, technology, and engineering. These subjects are equally advantageous in providing lucrative career paths. Children are inherently curious and eager to learn, which is why it’s essential to cultivate a healthy relationship with STEM-based subjects by keeping them engaged and enthusiastic through our scholarship opportunities.

Join Our Community

Our goal is to build a strong community of families and donors in Rockdale County and the surrounding areas who will be invested in encouraging students to pursue STEM-based education through financial scholarships. With a commitment to diversity, we encourage individuals from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds to learn more and consider joining.

Mission Statement

VeraRosa Higher Learning Scholarship offers children in Rockdale County, GA, and surrounding counties the opportunity to learn and improve math skills by providing financial scholarships, enabling them to be innovative and great contributors to tomorrow’s workforce.