Study Math to Become an Antarctic Engineer 

Did you know that Antarctica is the only continent on Earth with no permanent human population? This remote region is instead home to a select number of individuals such as research scientists, military personnel, and antarctic engineers. The people who temporarily live and work in Antarctica are generally involved in various research projects, where they gather information on how our planet is changing. 

Engineers in particular have a critical role in making sure that equipment and machinery are operating as they should. Some engineers are even involved in designing special equipment used in some of the harshest weather environments on Earth. A career as an Antarctic engineer would be the perfect role for any student interested in exploring this fascinating continent. The first step on that journey is an education in math.

Going to the Ends of the Earth with Math

Earth is relatively small when you consider the size of the universe, but that doesn’t mean it’s not filled with incredible things that have yet to be discovered. Engineers play an important role in many scientific discovery projects and math skills are just one of the things that make them excel at their jobs. When students study math, they acquire a certain skill set that includes the ability to solve difficult problems and to analyze data. Skills like these are essential for an engineer who must figure out how to design and implement a complex piece of machinery.

An Antarctic engineer might be involved in any number of projects, from designing an underwater camera or using a drill to extract ice from deep below the surface. Statistics is one of the types of math used in these types of projects. Antarctica’s remote location and severe weather mean that projects must be executed carefully, with little room for costly errors. An engineer who has statistical math skills would be well prepared to plan out these projects and ensure all resources are used efficiently.

Students in STEM are the Future

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are exciting fields with many possibilities. Here at the VeraRosa Higher Learning Scholarship, our goal is to support students of all backgrounds as they pursue an education in STEM. We believe that all students deserve this opportunity, regardless of socioeconomic background. If you’d like to support our mission in bringing more diversity to STEM, please contact us to learn more.