Our Community

For all of us who love the state of Georgia, it’s important to find ways of giving back to the local community. Georgia’s graduation rates have seen some improvement over the years, increasing from 69.7% in 2012 to 83.8% in 2020. Graduation rates in Rockdale County are slightly below the state average, but we remain committed to increasing those numbers every year.

Investing in Georgia’s Future

VeraRosa would like to increase math proficiency for students in K-12th grade. In 2019, 77% of 4th graders were at or above basic math proficiency, while only 67% of 8th graders met that standard. We all know that math is an important skill in today’s world, and it can provide great value to children who are interested in pursuing other subjects like engineering or technology.

Georgia’s Workforce

According to Georgia’s Department of Labor, Workforce Statistics & Economic Research, STEM careers are expected to grow exponentially through the next several years. There’s an increased demand for jobs including Computer & Information Systems Managers, Software Developers, and Computer Network Architects, which all have an estimated salary of over $100k. These encouraging statistics are one of the primary motivators for the VeraRosa community. We believe that kids in Rockdale County and the surrounding areas deserve the best preparation that will allow them to pursue STEM-related higher education.

STEM Education Produces Higher Wages

Students who obtain STEM-based degrees are typically higher earners than individuals with non-STEM degrees. Jobs in food preparation and serving had a mean salary of $19,917 back in 2018, while office and administrative support employees fared a bit higher at $34,294. That same year, computer- and math-related occupations had an average salary in the $80k-90k range. Additionally, many high-paying, computer-related occupations require only a bachelor’s degree, so students can prepare to enter the workforce in four years or less after beginning their higher education.