Fragrance chemists are responsible for a majority of the good smells we encounter every single day. Perfumes, laundry detergents, deodorants, air fresheners, shampoos, and soaps are products that we don’t normally think twice about before using, but imagine a world where we didn’t have these wonderful scents. Fragrance chemists have the exciting job of adding life to dull products, creating a world filled with our favorite aromas. 

When you hear the word, “chemist,” do you picture a mad scientist in a white lab coat mixing beakers in a lab? This is actually quite accurate, but you don’t have to be “mad,” you just have to be good at math! Chemistry is science, but it’s largely math-based. Mathematical equations help chemists understand how molecules interact with one another, including the aromatic reactions that occur. Once you have a basic understanding of these aromatic reactions, then comes the fun part of experimenting with new formulas and concentrations to create pleasant, customized scents.

Fragrance chemists don’t only have to understand how our noses function. There’s quite a bit of math involved behind-the-scenes in the making of your favorite shampoos and soaps, but having these strong math skills can allow you to create any scent you want. At VeraRosa Higher-Learning Scholarship, we always enjoy showing young learners the many unique career paths that are possible when you’re good at math, and also how fun math can be while pursuing education in STEM. Contact us today to get your learner started on their journey.