LEGO® has been a household name since the 1960s. The versatility and resilience of these interlocking plastic toy building blocks are why they’ve been around for so long, but the purpose of LEGO has evolved greatly since their initial inception. LEGO creators have learned, over time, how to make products that allow us to build virtually anything we can imagine. They are no longer just a toy for kids—these colorful little building blocks can be enjoyed by all age groups. 

Being a LEGO creator has always been one of those “dream jobs” for LEGO lovers, and who can blame them? Being able to help design the very product that has brought so much joy into your own life would be anyone’s dream job! LEGO creators are imaginative and have an eye for design, but their strong math skills are responsible for bringing their creative visions to life. The best way to land one of these jobs? Well, for starters, play with more LEGOs!

LEGOs are excellent tools to help hands-on learners understand complex math concepts, and making learning fun and engaging is one of the most effective ways to promote learning. Young learners enjoy using LEGOs to explore volume, fractions, areas, perimeters, and even the Pythagorean theorem—and they have fun while doing it! 

You can use LEGOs to have fun, gain more mathematical experience, and develop the necessary skills that could allow you to create your own LEGO designs one day. At VeraRosa Higher-Learning Scholarship, we help make dream jobs like these become a reality for students of all backgrounds by supporting youth in their quest to pursue STEM-based higher education. To learn more about the VeraRosa Higher-Learning Scholarship or to contribute to our cause, contact us today!