A Mathematical Foundation for Exploration Geophysics

Many of the resources we use in our everyday lives are found in the Earth’s properties. However, before engineers can safely extract certain materials like minerals, oil, and gas, they need to rely on the knowledge of exploration geophysicists. These specialized scientists play an important role in studying what lies beneath the Earth’s surface to determine the best methods to find these materials. Varying techniques are used in these studies, including seismic, electric, and electromagnetic processes, all of which are closely aligned with math.

The Link Between Science and Math
As with many other fields of science, exploration geophysics relies heavily on the principles of math. Critical thinking, problem solving, and visualization are just some of the skills that can be achieved from math and applied to different areas of science. Exploration geophysicists are commonly involved in data collection and processing, in which precision with numbers is a top requirement. Believe it or not, a solid education in math can lead to a wide range of exciting career choices!

Careers in Exploration Geophysics
Just as there are many types of elements that make up the Earth, there are different types of geophysicists that study these matters. Here are a few areas of concentration that geophysicists can explore, along with the types of math that would be used:

Environmental – These scientists may assess the quality of groundwater, as well as collecting and processing data. A background in linear algebra would be useful in handling the data of this type of work.
Mineral – A mineral geophysicist searches for ore using electromagnetism. The study of differential geometry is a natural fit for this type of science.
Reservoir – This area of geophysics works with oil and gas found under the Earth’s surface. Seismic and electrical techniques are used within reservoir geophysics, so a focus on calculus would prepare students for this type of career.

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