Animal Behavior

Many students who love animals may be surprised to discover that there are many different career possibilities that extend beyond veterinary science and working with domestic pets. Some individuals may be more interested in studying the behavior of animals, also known as ethology, to discover how they relate to each other or different species like humans. Animal behaviorists throughout the world work with everything from livestock to wild animals, and even endangered species. They can also work in a variety of settings such as zoos, universities, and non-profit organizations. Working with animals can be a fulfilling career and a good place to begin the journey is with a background in mathematics.

The Application of Math in Animal Behavior

Math probably seems like an unlikely subject to pursue when it comes to animal behavior. Why would you have to learn about numbers and formulas to study animals? One of the great things about math is that it gives students a set of skills that can overlap with a wide range of other subjects.  

Consider the use of data and statistics that research assistants rely on to conduct their studies. It isn’t enough to simply record data; it also must be analyzed and tracked over time. Statistical analysis would be a specific type of math that can be used in this application. Perhaps an animal behaviorist has spent months observing the way a particular type of bird has searched for food. Various factors could impact this behavior, such as climate, location, season, and more. This data would likely go through a form of statistical analysis to help determine which of these factors is most impactful. If climate is affecting the way a bird searches for food, maybe it also affects squirrels or snakes. 

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