Regenerative medicine is a relatively new industry, but it’s already rapidly expanding due to the variety of ways to get involved. The need for replacing, repairing, and regenerating the cells of the human body is also never going to go away. In fact, we need scientists in this field now more than ever.

Not many people starting out in the scientific field want to face the reality that science is so heavily dependent on math. But any experienced scientist will tell you how deeply embedded math is in their field. Especially within the regenerative medicine industry. While a healthy human body can usually heal and replace its own cells, some people with chronic illnesses or autoimmune diseases require some external assistance. New cells, tissues, and organs don’t just generate out of thin air; there is actually quite a bit of mathematical magic going on behind the scenes.

Scientists use math to build realistic models for these new cells, tissues, and organs that will eventually end up in human bodies. Math allows for the most predictable and precise measurements that differ from person to person. Basically, scientists can use math to make personalized organs that are perfectly crafted for a person’s unique body.

If creating personalized organs hasn’t grabbed your attention yet, just remember how important this field is for saving the lives of people affected by diseases, physical trauma, injury, and more. However, saving lives in this way is simply not possible without math. Developing strong math skills now can help you eventually land a job in the exciting and essential industry of regenerative medicine and many other scientific fields that save lives. At VeraRosa Higher-Learning Scholarship, we know how important STEM-based education is to helping people land these jobs. Contact us today to learn more!