Become A Sponsor

Recipients of VeraRosa Higher Learning Scholarships are given unique opportunities thanks to the generosity of individuals and organizational sponsors. By deciding to become a sponsor, you’ll enjoy the rewarding benefits of positively impacting the future of many students and the community as a whole. Organizations in particular should consider the following benefits:

Brand Recognition

Increase recognition and loyalty to your brand by sponsoring VeraRosa scholarships. Giving back to the community shows that your business is not only generous but also committed to investing in the next generation. The public is often more loyal to brands with admirable values like honesty, accountability, and generosity.

Meet core values

For organizations with an established set of core values and philanthropic aspirations, sponsoring a scholarship can help affirm that foundation. This is especially important for organizations that wish to follow a model of corporate social responsibility.

Talent Acquisition

Becoming a scholarship sponsor is also a great way to put your name in front of smart and talented students who may eventually want to join your organization. By providing students with an opportunity to pursue a STEM degree, your organization will be seen as an appealing option to build a career.

Equal Opportunity

There’s still much progress to be made when it comes to providing equal opportunities to students in higher education. Students from low-income families are often less likely to obtain a college degree than their peers from middle to high-income backgrounds. Scholarships are a great way to help bridge this gap and encourage students from underserved communities to pursue STEM-based higher education.

One by One awarded VeraRosa Higher Learning Scholarship a $500.00 grant to help purchase promotional items. Their purpose is to allow nonprofit organizations to spread the word, recruit volunteers and thank donors with various branded items.

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