Our Resources

Students will learn math concepts in a way that makes sense to them, with an emphasis on encouragement, continuous progress checks, and most importantly, fun!

STEM-Based Resources

Our STEM-based resources are regularly updated to provide valuable information for students and their families. VeraRosa is passionate about helping students discover the joy in math, and our goal is to help future generations obtain the quality education they deserve to pursue fulfilling careers. Our list of instructors, tutors, and other online resources are fully verified to ensure that students are receiving the most accurate information.

Proud Partners

We’re proud to partner with STEM NG2, a renowned learning center that specializes in teaching math skills for all grade levels. Many children are challenged in math, so it’s important to take an individualized approach when teaching students and meet them at their current skill levels. Whether a student is struggling with certain math skills or far beyond their grade level and simply wants to challenge themselves, the skilled instructors at STEM NG2 can help.

Everybody Wins! Atlanta

Everybody Wins! Atlanta is a non-profit reading program that has been improving literacy for children through powerful mentor relationships for over 20 years. Everybody wins! Atlanta has been devoted to improving the reading skills and developing a love of reading in students who are reading below grade level, giving them a greater chance for success in school and expanding their life horizon. 

STEM-Based Education

Students and STEM-based education are at the core of our mission, so we make sure to provide only the highest quality resources for continued learning and improvement. These fields of study are rapidly changing, with exciting new opportunities emerging every day. In particular, improving math skills can lead to a number of specialized fields and industries that can make a big impact on today’s world. Pursuing higher education in STEM can open up a seemingly endless amount of rewarding career paths, and our resources can be a great set of tools to help students achieve their goals.