The healthcare industry is filled with rewarding career opportunities for those who want to positively impact a patient’s health. Pharmacists in particular have the unique advantage of interacting with patients and educating them on how to properly consume medication for the most effective results. Supporting a patient’s health can range from minor cases of everyday colds or allergies to significant challenges like cancer or other life-threatening diseases. These professionals can work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, retail stores, assisted living facilities, and mental health centers. 


Starting on a path to a pharmacy career requires an educational foundation of science and math. Students who excel in math will gain a variety of specialized skills that are applicable in healthcare environments such as critical thinking and quantitative reasoning. Pharmacists must be adept in these areas to perform their duties with accuracy and consistency.


Combining Math and Science for Healthcare 

Pharmacists specialize in understanding how medication will interact with a person’s body, which depends on many factors such as age, sex, medical history, and previous prescriptions. Certain sciences like biology and chemistry are involved in pharmacy, but higher-level math can also play an important role.


Calculus, graphing, algebraic equations, and statistics are just some of the math concepts that are used within the pharmacy profession. Students who have a background in these math skills are prepared to pursue a career that involves conversions and determining dosage frequency. Pharmacists must also be precise when performing their duties to ensure their patients are receiving the correct medication. Precision is a core element of nearly every type of math, as formulas and equations will only provide one correct answer.


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