Many industries rely on the ocean, from scientific research and travel, to logistics and the military. Each of these industries also rely on the expertise of the marine engineers who develop, design, and maintain different types of ships, boats, and submarines. Marine engineers help keep these vessels safe and operating effectively for the crew and passengers on board. Some engineers are involved in maintaining structures found off-shore or on the coast.

Students with a background in math will be well-prepared to pursue many different careers in marine engineering. The ocean is such a vast place, with much of it unexplored. Marine engineers play an important role in maintaining ships and submarines, which allow scientists to continue their exploration of the ocean. A marine engineer might be involved in the construction of an offshore platform, which would require extensive knowledge in math concepts found in trigonometry, geometry, and algebra. They can also be involved in improving navigation or supporting sources of renewable energy, such as off-shore wind farms. As with any type of engineering, a solid understanding of math is essential for success.

Where Math Meets Ocean Engineering
Marine vessels like submarines or military ships are incredibly complex, with numerous components and systems that are needed to operate safely. Students who study calculus, trigonometry, or other advanced math subjects will gain valuable skills that are needed for marine engineering. Critical thinking, problem solving, and analytics are just some of the necessary qualifications to be a marine engineer. Designing, testing, and improving various systems requires a strong foundation in all types of math.

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