Animated films have a long history in cinema and have continued to bring joy to movie lovers of all ages. The early days of Disney animation have transformed into using modern technology like CGI to create hyper-realistic images. Generally, animators are categorized as artists, but math plays a strong supporting role in much of today’s visual technology. 

When you consider some basic concepts of drawing, such as different shapes and depths, math is often used to ensure consistency and realism. An animator will create even more complex drawings designed to move on screen. A math education can be a great asset in an animator’s toolbox.

The Magic of Animation Begins With Math

If you’ve ever seen concept art of any animated film, you’ll probably notice that it looks very different from the finished product. Computer-animated films are especially confusing in their early stages because the storyboards are often a jumble of messy lines. However, these carefully constructed lines ensure that the final image is perfect in size and shape. 

 Geometry is one of the basic math concepts that most animators will need to know. However, linear algebra, physics, and calculus are also important to enhance images with special effects and realistic patterns and movements. Most film animators today will need to have a strong understanding of computer graphics, and a background in math can help build this knowledge through data analysis and problem solving. Animators use a unique combination of art and math to create memorable images that live on for years.

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