Climate and weather are universal forces that impact everyone on Earth. Many of us don’t think of weather beyond checking the daily forecast to see if we need an umbrella or a warm coat. However, the weather and climate play a significant role in many critical industries like agriculture, energy, construction, and more. These industries are often dependent on data and research that comes from atmospheric scientists who study climate and weather events. 


Atmospheric scientists look beyond a five-day weather forecast and instead collect valuable data that can give insight into areas like climate change and probabilities of natural disasters. Getting started in atmospheric science requires a strong understanding of physical science like meteorology, but a degree in math can also be a valuable asset that enables students to succeed in this field.


Using Math Skills to Interpret Weather

Weather continues to be increasingly volatile, with severe storms and other events seeming to appear out of nowhere. Although the climate and weather aren’t always 100% predictable, atmospheric scientists are skilled in interpreting patterns that can impact communities around the world. 


Atmospheric scientists can hold many job titles, such as research meteorologists, climatologists, and weather forecasters. Many of these careers require skills that are cultivated through an education in math, whether from statistics, calculus, or analysis. Math students obtain critical thinking and analytical skills, which are both essential in the field of atmospheric science. These types of scientists are often involved in developing computer models, which also requires a unique skill set that comes from a foundation of math.


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