How Excelling in Mathematics Can Help You Land a Job in Digital Forensics

Cybersecurity is a booming industry that includes numerous job opportunities, in the government sector and in the private sector. Some of these jobs are involved in preventing cybercrime, while others are related to finding and prosecuting criminals. As cybercriminals continue to discover new ways of stealing and exposing data, digital forensic scientists play a crucial role in bringing them to justice. Digital forensics involves the identification and analysis of evidence collected from cybercrimes. It may be surprising to learn that a degree in math can help open the door for this exciting career!

Fighting Cybercrime with Math Skills

An education in math gives students a strong skill set, including analytics, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking, which will go far in many technology-based careers like digital forensics. Professionals in this field often work with a lot of computer data that needs to be properly retrieved, analyzed, stored, and documented. These processes can help determine critical details of cybercrimes, such as how and when an event occurred. This information can then be used as evidence in a criminal case.

Students who study statistics and probability might use their skills to identify certain patterns found in digital evidence. Other math specialties like computational mathematics and analysis would also be relevant in digital forensics, because they teach students how to think critically when it comes to analyzing data. Digital forensics often requires additional skills and training, but a background in math will give students the tools they need to transition into this career.

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