The engineering world often involves complex machinery and systems necessary for critical infrastructure like energy, transportation, and healthcare. These environments can be especially risky without the proper precautions like extensive training and quality control checks. Safety engineers specialize in developing procedures to ensure that these machines and systems don’t create hazards such as injury, illness, or property damage.

Safety engineers can work in a variety of career fields, but one trait they have in common is a strong grasp of math. The skills and concepts that students gain from math are highly valuable in multiple career fields that require critical thinking and problem-solving. When students pursue an education in math, they’ll be well-prepared for a rewarding career in safety engineering. 

The Universal Value of Safety and Math 

Workplace safety is a highly critical area of business, not only in engineering but in every industry. Even a typical office building that performs low-risk administrative duties will require a certain level of safety engineering concerning fire prevention and keeping employees safe from accidents. Safety engineers are highly skilled in identifying unsafe working conditions or hazardous equipment, and those skills are often built on a foundation of math.

Higher levels of math including calculus, statistics, and trigonometry are widely known to develop a student’s critical thinking skills. Students skilled in math are also adept at analyzing situations and solving complex problems. Safety engineering will often require an understanding of complex regulations and procedures. Applied mathematics would be especially valuable in helping students understand how to utilize math in real-world situations.

Help Students Succeed in STEM

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